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Connection of web and success


Who we are

We are professional web developers located in Budapest, Hungary who build Drupal based sites and comprehensive solutions.

What we do

We design and build websites, develop customized and operative intranet solutions, e-commerce and SEO.

Why choose us

We have know-how, several years of experience and recommendation. We provide a contract based service with favorable price. We focus on YOU.

Some of our works

Wekerle Walks

When we decided to request an IT expert to create a website for us, I felt we were hopeless. There was no expert who could work on the hazy ideas of such a dilettante customer. Then I met Nexusweb… and I was sure we would have a website and exactly...

Rigotech Chiptuning Ticketing System

We have been working with Attila and his development team nearly for a year on the Intranet and CRM systems of our company.The task is not an easy one, it has required numerous custom developments. Even it was a relief that someone has undertaken...

Besser Hungária Intranet

I can only recommend this team, they are helpful, they can realize any ideas, if something is not possible to accomplish, they revise it creatively to make it possible. They did a decent, well-organized job much before the deadline. I could turn to...
Dorsum developer blog

Dorsum developer blog

They are amazingly fast. It is obvious they take their customer and job seriously.


They do not only speak about creativity, but accomplish it. Immediately. Any time I called them, by the end of the phone conference, even my "wildest" ideas got realized and were gazing at me from the screen. To tell the truth it often took me more...


A well coordinated team, who pay attention to the details. They fulfilled all my blog related requests, I could turn to them with any trifle. They managed the whole process creatively. On time, helpfully, with favorable conditions. I can only...