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Connection of web and success

Wekerle Walks

As a social engagement our company undertook the building of a website for a local enterprise at Wekerle estate. The civilian enterprise organizes walks of local history at Wekerle estate to introduce the protected garden city and also to provide livelihood for the local.

The project included the below requirements:

  • a portfolio to introduce the walks
  • application possibility by walks
  • program calendar
  • internal administration interface of the applications
  • separated walks and dates
  • articles and guestbook
  • trendy design according to the topic

Customer speak

When we decided to request an IT expert to create a website for us, I felt we were hopeless. There was no expert who could work on the hazy ideas of such a dilettante customer. Then I met Nexusweb… and I was sure we would have a website and exactly how we liked. They did not only created what we asked, but guessed what we just thought of, they understood us from half sentences and built our wonderful and unique webpage. They are such experts who understand the ideas of an everyday user, they are creative, and not least they communicate patiently and clearly with an incompetent customer. Thank their reliable and quick work, our enterprise could make a big step forward.